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Album - Owner: Berit - 17 items
My original character Rustle, (Also called Doloris, what is her soul name) she is a shape changing elf who wandered around and met the Wolfriders, she has no memory of where she comes from but was strangely good at finding the Holt, like she knew where it was... many have suspicions that she might have been a Wolfrider in her past...
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the Shapeshifter - 2019
Rustle living in her wilder form and being one with the nature that surrounds her.. did this drawing in Anondraw...
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Mar 02, 2019
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Rustle transformation - 2018
Adding this here for Halloween! for it kinda fits the theme! my character Rustle changing into her animal form, her shape changing tends to look more like a werewolf transformations from horror movies, even though the result is just a little fox!...
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Sep 24, 2018
Wounded Rustle - 2018
Some art for Czarine's game project that is based on the RPG I ran in the forums, here is my character Rustle in a very bad shape after I rolled 1! my luck with dice is incredible!...
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Jul 09, 2018
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Rustle full body sketch - 2018
Made this sketch of Rustle's clothes to help Czarine out!

and Czarine,  if these details are too troublesome some can be left out from the game artwork...
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Jun 07, 2018
Broken ballpoint pen Rustle - 2017
Made this doodle with a ballpoint pen than was broken in half! it's Rustle frolicking in the fields again... By the way, why do our female characters (and Marut) frolic around like that?..
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May 01, 2018
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Beast lady - 2018
Rustle Showing her more feral side...
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Feb 15, 2018
Pearl effects glue fox Rustle - 2017
My character Rustle in her fox form, done with those weird glues called "pearl effects"... sorry for the blurry photo, I only have a phone to take pictures with and my phone is old...
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Jul 10, 2017
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Werefox rustle - 2017
Rustle in mid-transformation, screaming with that blood-chilling sound that foxes make, mixed with elven voice... a sound that is sure to keep the near by humans awake long after hearing it! she just has no idea how far the voice echoes yet... and Yup, used that green sticky pen again to make this..…
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Nov 09, 2017
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Shark mermaid Rustle - 2017
If Rustle were to have a Wavedancer form, this might be what she would look like! and her face wouldn't be anything that of a elf! and I did this with some gooey "pearl effect" glue thing... that always remained sticky...
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May 31, 2017
Doloris portrait colored by Insertio! - 2016
My friend Insertio colored this portrait I made about Doloris! he gave me permission to add the picture here!... I'm still thinking about Wolfrider name for her, something about the season fall would fit her well, or something of beastly nature, since she is quite the huntress and unlike her appeara…
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Oct 26, 2017
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Wondering fox - 2017
My character Doloris in her fox form, Wondering about some human behavior from afar...
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Oct 26, 2017
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Doloris outfit? - 2016
Maybe it will look something like this? still not sure... but something kinda like this!...

and used blue paper and blue ballpoint pen because my scanner has trouble scanning blue without pixelating stuff, so tried to work around that issue...
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Mar 23, 2016
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Dolris freckles - 2016
more marker stuff! and I'm finally liking these facial features I gave her... there was something off on the older ones and I decided to give her some freckles, I think they fit her well and help differentiate her from the other busty mega haired Wahhoo women!...
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Feb 03, 2016
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Feather feet - 2016
Just some marker insanity again, my character Doloris moving silently to keep an eye on animals near by... and Doloris is naked because I simply cannot figure out what kind of clothes she would wear!...
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Feb 04, 2016
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Learning to howl - 2008
A random picture of Doloris, in her animal form… this is actually a part of one of my Elfquest stories… Doloris had gotten separated from the Wolfriders and ended up with the Go-backs… there she tried to learn how to howl like a wolf as she hoped someone could hear her and respond… endless nights sh…
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Nov 12, 2015
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Other Elf version of Dolors - 2011
More old poo, another try of what Dolors would look like if she was an EQ elf... and... yeah! I think I might start drawing her more in the EQ pictures... now that I am not playing EQ rpgs with anyone... I might as well start doing stuff based on my own EQ stories...
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Jan 20, 2015
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Sunfolk Doloris - 2015
This is one of my characters... She is actually human but I wanted to try what she would look like if she was elf and from the sun village... I did the linearts back in 2011, but only got around to color it recently... her name is Doloris and I'm not sure if I will turn her to Elfquest elf, if I do,…
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Jan 03, 2015
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