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Album - Owner: Czarine - 2 items
Here canon and non-canon characters go hand in hand.
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Hunters To Be
Berit said there wasn't any art of the sisters with their adoptive father, so here goes! Laluna is watching Strongbow making a slingshot, while Terra has already spotted a promising target...

My first time drawing Strongbow, ever. His eyes were difficult... I wasn't sure of which outfit to draw, so…
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Oct 02, 2011
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As Good as New
Whew, it's been a long time... Sorry for the crappy colouring, I have a calendar picture to draw.

I missed Rain so much, so I had to draw him. He's taking care of Terra's knee while Laluna is watching, worried. I bet Terra did something reckless and hurt herself (again). I should draw the sisters a…
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Sep 27, 2011
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