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All things Elven
Album - Owner: Midnight - 10 items
Collection of elfie art inspired by Elf Quest. Which inspired me to create and draw my own characters and places.
Thanks for taking a peek---shhh....
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Here's another update from the gang of elves I dreamed up.
This is Fyrefox. He's a peer to Midnight, Cricket, moonlight and Nighthawk. He's known as Nighthawk's 'heart-brother', best of friends, in our terms. Fyrefox is second eldest of the youngsters, following after Moonlight. He has a twin sister…
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Jul 30, 2012
Another character in my batch of fan-elves. Moonlight needed to have a make-over as I realized her original outfit was quite dull and boring. (a pair of brown trousers, knee high boots and a sleeveless berry-colored shirt.) As I picked up a pencil to design her new outfit, I realized that Moonlight…
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Jul 17, 2012
Wow.....I spent waaaay too much time on the background for this painting. But once it got rolling, I couldn't help it......

So this is a creature called an opalant. The fan-elves that I concocted often ride these little guys. The opalant was almost exstinct from over hunting by the humans because o…
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Jul 14, 2012
Here's a character brought back to life....
This is Sheridayne. He's from a fan-fic I never finished. His tribe lives in a costal environment that is similiar to the Oregon coast in U.S. Their actual dwelling is in a great sequoia forest. Their homes look a little like the Ewok village in Star Wars.…
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Jul 10, 2012
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Here's another character I found and dusted off. She's one of the originals that was born from my earlist Elf Quest exposure.
She's Cricket. A young playful she-elf that is bonded in friendship with Nighthawk, Midnight and Firefox. (I'll be doing a remodel on Firefox  at a later....later date.)
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Oct 07, 2011
Nighthawk Update
Nighthawk admiring his new leathers. For more cool weather, he'll wear a nicely fitted shirt under his vest. Likely a softer shade of taupe. He will also have a longer coat to wear for the winter weather.
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Oct 05, 2011
Daughter of the forest
Well, renewing my presence here as added fire to the artistic flame. I decided I needed add something more current.
This is Midnight. She's the character that I claimed for my own in Keepers of the forest. She's a play mate and friend to Nighthawk, Firefox, Firefly and Cricket. The 5 were the main c…
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Aug 04, 2011
Another random character. Even tho' she's an older pix, there's still something I dig about this chick ;)
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Aug 02, 2011
As a youth, when I read Elf Quest, I created my own little tribe of elves. (As many here.) I made up a crude graphic novel featuring characters that were designed by my play mates and I drew them and created a story and world for them. My elves were a little different (they had 5 fingers for examp--…
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Aug 02, 2011
Some earlier stuff that I did. Just a random character portrait. I like to create new characters....
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Aug 02, 2011
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