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Elfquest Role Playing Game based Characters
Album - Owner: Treefox - 7 items
Quick characters drawings created by using the EQ RPG template
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This is finally the last RPG character. She happened to have a lot features of Joyleaf and I actually like the clothes design. Not so sure about the colors, though. But fun!
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Sep 14, 2010
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Yep, another RPG guy and what to say about him? He looks like a pimp!  :P Those clothes should be forbidden!
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Sep 14, 2010
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And yet another RPG guy. I do seem to get guys a lot... I rather like this one. I think he's cute and the pose turned out quite nice. The hair looks a bit greasy though....
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Aug 16, 2010
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Here is the next RPG guy. Oh man, I love this one! Those colors! I could have never come up with such colors myself. But I must say, I like the brown-red hair combined with gray/silver eyes. Also, the boots aren't half bad...
Colored with water color crayons (can anyone tell me the correct term for…
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Aug 16, 2010
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And another one, because it's so much fun. This is easily my favorite of the RPG characters. My little cousin rolled the dice for him. He sure was lucky.  :D Their is something Teir-like about him, but that might be the braids. This one was colored with water color crayons. Name once again by the SoC…
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Aug 13, 2010
Another one of the EQ RPG characters. I truly like the combination of hooked nose and those big eyes (I think that the description was Dewshine-like eyes). And again hair below the hip. That did come up a lot. And also colored with Copic Markers.
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Aug 13, 2010
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As I still have nothing really new to post, I thought I might throw in these characters that were created by using the EQ RPG template. Not the character outlines, but the pages where you can let the dice decide about the characters features and character. For example, you roll for hair length, clot…
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Aug 09, 2010
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