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Unforgotten Past
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Challenge - A tribute to the history of the fan art community and our own personal histories.  Find your oldest (or one of your oldest) pieces of ElfQuest fan art and redraw it.  Go here to read more.
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Nightfall, 18 Years Later...
I've been drawing Elfquest since I discovered it, since 1991, but I don't seem to have my really old drawings anymore; the 1997 sketch of Nightfall on the left here is one of my oldest ones I still have now. And hey, it's Nightfall, the character I've drawn the most by far over the years. Hope I've…
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Posted by Wolfrider
Apr 19, 2015
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2001vs2014 - Contests and Challenges- Forgotten Past
Harmony then and now.  I had not drawn, anything, EQ in over a decade.  I put down my pencils and took up a long hard road of sculpting for over a decade.  I sure helped me a lot on figuring out how things "connected".

So very weird too see how I had begun, in 2001, to draw the heads so much smalle…
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Posted by Tah-Marien
Mar 24, 2014
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Solitaire - Now and Then
Left - 2003, Right - 2013

Yesterday I found some very old elf art of mine in the EQfanart Yahoo group. I didn't even remember half of those and seeing them now makes me cringe. What was I ever thinking when I put those up ten years ago?  :o  :faintSo I decided to take this challenge and redraw one.…
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Posted by Christina Raibert
Nov 05, 2013
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Here's another update from the gang of elves I dreamed up.
This is Fyrefox. He's a peer to Midnight, Cricket, moonlight and Nighthawk. He's known as Nighthawk's 'heart-brother', best of friends, in our terms. Fyrefox is second eldest of the youngsters, following after Moonlight. He has a twin sister…
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Posted by Midnight
Jul 31, 2012
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OC / PC Change Stone  "Back Door"  1996 vs 2012
1996 -   My oldest Character drawing that I could find done .   It was drawn and  "inked" in a bic pen.  Two colors ; Blue and Black.  One ran out then the other ran out. . .so I declared it done.

2012 - Done in Mechanical Pencils.  Ready for Inking or Color. 

I like both because they make me see…
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Posted by Tah-Marien
Apr 23, 2012
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Leetah, now and then
I was inspired by Mirror's painting to re-do this old Leetah-picture. The old picture certainly wasn't my first try of an elf either, but at least my very first experience with digital colouring. Hm, I find the old one so hideous :-[

Lord, it took sooo long to get her nose acceptable. Don't look at i…
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Posted by Miss Gillespie
Mar 19, 2012
Tynami in time
I finally found my very first drawing of Tynami if you can call it that. I've never been very good at artwork... but since the first one was on a RPG base I did that last one on one too.
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Posted by Tynami
Mar 19, 2012
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Tyleet - then and now
Definitely not my first EQ -drawing - but that is my first digital EQ portrait.

The portrait on the right is part of a full-body pic of Tyleet I'm working on. It suddenly dawned on me that the face kind of resembles the old 2007- portrait, so I did some cropping, and...ta-daaa.

Gah, I remember b…
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Posted by Mirror
Feb 20, 2012
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Picknose BEEFCAKE!!
Okay, here it is! I based Picknose's pin-up on a picture I made in 2002. It was actually for a challenge back at the Yahoo based ElfquestFanart; complaint was there's lots of pictures of naked elf ladies, but not enough of men, so there was a beefcake contest! I thought it would be funny to draw a t…
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Posted by Afke
Jan 15, 2012
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Blackhare - Then & Now
Inspired by my Windstill study and following rediscovery of her old portrait I decided to give Blackhare a makeover as well.

2006 versus 2011

I know there's something wrong with the new versions eyes, I'm still working on that! ;D

Blackhare, Thunderwater Holt ancestor, belongs to ReyesLord.

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Posted by Icebird
Nov 29, 2011
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Wildfire comparison
Okay, this is definitely not my first Elfquest picture, but I wanted to redo it 8D Plus, it was one of my first digital drawings so it was kind of the start of a new era for me.
So... Yeah.. The 2009 version kind of hurts my eyes xD I was SO PROUD of it, it was ridiculous. I actually printed it o…
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Posted by Wildfire
Nov 07, 2011
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Leetah - 20 years later
A couple of days ago I was going through my old stuff and found my very first EQ sketch. Leetah on the left was made around 1990-1991, when I was 8 years old or so. Leetah on the right is actually a fairly recent sketch that I did when I was trying to practice my elf drawing skills after a long paus…
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Posted by Larialoyla
Aug 02, 2011
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Aroree - Then & Now
Found this old n' hideous sketch of Aroree and felt inspired to redo her. Just a quick sketch on the tablet, so nothing exceptional - though I think I managed her face a little better this time!

Characters // Aroree

Creator // Wendy Pini

Purpose // Unforgotten Past challenge
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Posted by Icebird
May 11, 2011
Tynami - Through the Ages
This is the oldest ElfQuest type micro I could find. Somewhere I do have the original drawing of this character, but I couldn't find it when I looked. The outfit has changed some over the years, but the basic girl is the same. Hope this fits with the contest/challenge.
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Posted by Tynami
Oct 04, 2010
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So this is my second entry to this challenge. I had forgotten that I'd done something like this for my own pleasure in 2006, the first version is from 1992, I think. This is Verina, the healer of a tribe of jungle elves. I still like the concept. Their clothes were so colorful because they used the…
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Posted by Treefox
Aug 07, 2010
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Flower girl - two decades later
This is the oldest piece of mine that I was able to find in my folders.  I'm not sure what her expression was supposed to be, but she looks rather horrified by the flower in the original. Or stoned...? Or maybe someone has just sent something tragic to her.  

And what the heck was with the butt-c…
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Posted by Foxeye
Jul 23, 2010
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Flügelsurren Now and then
This looked like fun, so I decided to redaw my very first EQ inspired character. This is Flügelsurren from the German Holt "Mückenreiter"
Awww I felt nostalgic. It was a fun holt and I liked my characters there. My very first...
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Posted by Windschatten
Jun 10, 2010
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Blacksnake - then and now
So, this is not my earliest EQ piece, but... perhaps I will get to doing that in time.  Doing this makeover for my RTH char recently made me realize that it's closer in colors and some details to the first thing I designed for him back when I adopted him, a little less than 4 years ago.  (I like the…
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Posted by Eregyrn
Jun 07, 2010
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Goudoog (Gold-Eye)
I really liked seeing these old-and-new drawings, and figured I could do one of my own. Goudoog was my very first RPG character. Now, I can already tell a dozen things are wrong with the new pic, as well, but it beats the old one by far ;) One thing that didn't change -- the scanning is just as crapp…
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Posted by Halfnote
Feb 19, 2010
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Whee, I finally did it. I decided to take the first elf I ever designed myself. This must have been around 1987 when I was about 10 years old. At that time I didn't know about any Wavedancers (did they even exist back then?), I just figured it would be a lovely idea to have mer-elves. So I made my o…
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Posted by Treefox
Feb 15, 2010
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I couldn't resist trying this one  ;D. So here's my very first RPG character and EQ fanart - Sweetblood of the Mosquito Riders. It was originally drawn in 2001. (Summer? I think.) Next to it, please find the new and improved Sweetblood, drawn just these days ;). (Yes, I still suck at anatomy :-X.)
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Posted by Flowerstar
Jan 29, 2010
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This is actually my 1st drawing of my 1st character for my 1st Elfquest holt (her name translates as Dreameye).

I don't have the original anymore 'cause I send it to the holtleader; it was a snailmail based holt, we'd get newsletters every once in a while. I didn't even have an email addy yet (and…
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Posted by Afke
Jan 22, 2010
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Wolves, then and now
Just for fun, since I can't really enter this challenge due to discovering EQ too late in life.

Top:  Age 6.   Okay, I think these might actually be Lassie, but honestly a wolf would have looked exactly the same only grey.   ;D

Middle:  Age 15.  Probably copied from a photo.  Could really have used…
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Posted by Windrider
Jan 17, 2010
Huntress Skyfire
Huntress Skyfire...one of my first dolls and I love her redo :)
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Posted by elfeneyes
Nov 07, 2009
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Moonshade remake
I just had to take part in this challenge. ^^ I had been thinking of drawing Moonshade, but couldn't really think of an interesting concept. When I found out about this challenge, I knew I wanted to remake my old drawing of her.

EDIT: oh, full view please!!
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Posted by Czarine
Oct 25, 2009
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painfull hands
here's my entrie !
The first one, you maybe remember, was drawn in 2008, and the second one in 2009

When I drew it in first, I didn't want to show something particular, the pose cam of itself. But now, I wanted to do something that would have sence. I then imagined a winnowill, discovering her p…
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Posted by Icemoon
Oct 20, 2009
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this challange was really amusing - so here's my entry. this awful pic (but nice coloring by silberschweif on the right side ;) ) is from 1997..the time I started drawing. the posture of the new brill wasn't ok, but I tried to keep the same posture then the original. my second problem was the fact th…
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Posted by Tiru
Oct 19, 2009
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Tyleet - Then & Now
Not my earliest EQ drawing but it's pretty close - I really don't know what I was trying to do with that pose, I suppose I was trying to make it sexy so that's what I did this time around :D

Note that this is a very quick sketch, only took my 30 minutes or so. ;)
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Posted by Icebird
Oct 15, 2009
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Rayek from memory (-ies)
Oh my... I remember vividly drawing the original while in 7th grade Social Studies class, trying to remember Rayek all grumpy with Cutter in Book 1.  Obviously I had not memorized his outfit / design well enough!  I was eleven or twelve, had discovered EQ maybe within 3 months of drawing this, and w…
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Posted by Joyrider1978
Oct 02, 2009
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