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Wah-hoo group characters
Album - Owner: Berit - 57 items
Our characters that are related to EQ!, here you'll find characters like Marut, Laluna, Terra, Vivi nd Feria... some art of our RPG scenes is here too!...
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My original character Rustle, (Also called Doloris, what is her soul name) she is a shape changing elf who wandered around and met the Wolfriders, she has no memory of where she comes from but was strangely good at finding the Holt, like she knew whe…
40 items
Folder containing Insertio's RPG characters Leora and Miriel...
27 items
Yup! I have the habit of coloring pictures others do about Terraverse! they are getting so many I thought they need an album to keep them in order!
19 items
I've drawn too much of the Wah-hoo characters, so I need to split the folder apart, this'll be the folder for Tomi & Cade... they'll have to share the folder because there isn't that many pictures of them yet...
25 items
Folder full of pictures about them together with no one else...
56 items
I've drawn too much of the Wah-hoo characters, so I need to split the folder apart, this'll be the folder for Laluna...

So my drawings & colorings featuring only Laluna will be in this folder...
43 items
I've drawn too much of the Wah-hoo characters, so I need to split the folder apart, this'll be the folder for Marut...
So my drawings & colorings featuring only Marut will be in this folder...
35 items
I've drawn too much of the Wah-hoo characters, so I need to split the folder apart, this'll be the folder for Terra...

So my drawings & colorings featuring only Terra will be in this folder...
6 items, and 13 in sub-albums
Those characters we see rarely, like Feria and Vivian...
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massage and bath collab - 2019
Here is the complete picture! Czarine was nice enough to give it colors! here we see Laluna truly relaxing in the sun village bath and Marut is helping her get rid off all the stress!... here is the lineart version...
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May 01, 2019
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What is in the Horizon? - 2019
Here is the finished picture! this was drawn on a sand colored paper and I purposely left it unfinished so Czarine was challenged to draw a background foe it when she also colored this! it turned out amazing! also, here is the lineart version...
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May 01, 2019
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Winter day with the wolves - 2018
Laluna and Marut spending a winter day with their “kids” Rustmane and Mudpaw… and Rustmane does not approve his Dad’s clumsiness! this version was colored by Czarine! here is the lineart version…

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Apr 24, 2019
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Anondraw Czarine berit collaboration - 2019
Something we did  in anondraw! I drew most of the things and Czarine colored Laluna, making her pop out from the rest that is my coloring mess! hahah!...
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Mar 09, 2019
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Investigating a carcass - 2018
Something I did when I found these quite ugly plastic frames for cheap! they are flat and made of this odd plastic material and they are simply a scan of another real frame on the surface of the plastic… Here are my characters Marut and Rustle investigating a moose carcass…
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Feb 10, 2019
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What is that noise? - 2018
Laluna and Marut waking up to some racket form outside. This is the version that Czarine colored! here is the original lineart for those who are interested in seeing it...

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Dec 17, 2018
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Mermay paintings - 2017
Wanted to add another photo of these, to maybe show some details better! sure, these are not great but they were fun to do!...

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May 08, 2018
And where are you going? colored by Czarine - 2018
Laluna starting to get a little frustrated about her “husband” running off all the time! This too was colored by Czarine and here is the lineart…

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May 07, 2018
Stealing eggs colored by Czarine - 2018
Czarine colored this one too! Here we see Laluna throwing some eggs for Marut to catch, since he is not good at climbing trees and they saw an opportunity to get them as the momma bird was not home! Here is the lineart version…

 Views: 62
May 03, 2018
Marut’s wife 2 colored by Czarine - 2018
Even though this was one badly done sketch, Czarine still wanted to color it!…

 Views: 60
May 02, 2018
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Marut’s wife 1 colored by Czarine - 2018
Time to start a series of pictures that I call Marut’s wife, even though Laluna and Marut do not share feelings for one another but I managed to make these pictures look like that! hahah! here is Marut getting his bruised nose healed and Laluna in clothing that Marut made for her! This version was c…
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Apr 30, 2018
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Mastle - 2018
Fusion of my characters Marut and Rustle! her name shall be Mastle! because it sounds like muscle!... This was a rather quick marker sketch so it really isn't anything too impressive...
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Apr 25, 2018
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Front in cover of my new Fantasy diary - 2018
Now that I finished the old fantasy diary with that Skywise drawing, it's time to start a new one! In covers of this are harder to draw on as they are slippery brown paper, but  tried drawing on them anyway! so here is Marut and Laluna mid-play fighting as someone's sending stopped them in their foo…
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Feb 12, 2018
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What are you making? - 2018
Done with the cheapest of watercolors I found and a pencil that came with he watercolor set (did the linearts with the said pencil)... I rarely paint but sometimes it's fun to try new stuff!...

I don't know what Laluna is making here! leatherworks, maybe?...
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Feb 02, 2018
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Tomi posing near Marut - 2017
It's Christmas soon! and my brother ate boxed chocolate again so time to put that paper stuffing in those boxes to good use! So I drew Marut and Tomi! almost naked because some people wanted to see Tomi's scars... and Marut is either ashamed by the nude posing or Tomi poked him in the eye with a dif…
 Views: 87
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Dec 16, 2017
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Happy mermaid meeting - 2017
Lineart for a picture about Czarine’s and Insertio’s characters as mermaids… drew this on piece of paper that was wrapped around some glass beads I purchased... not sure what I’ll use the beads for just yet... there will be quite many wavedancer drawings coming as I drew lots of them during last mer…
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May 17, 2017
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Kissed again - 2016
Marut keeps on getting cuddled and kissed all the time! this time it's Rustle kissing him to thank him for making clothes for her... and again, blue paper because I'm trying to get my scanner working that hates blue... (that is the reason why we haven't seen that much of Czarine's blue haired Laluna…
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Mar 23, 2016
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Something so similar - 2011
older picture of Terra meeting Doloris and they both surprised to meet someone so similar! in truth, they have never met and probably never will, as Doloris lives in her own universe... they are quite because, as some of you already know, ages ago, Doloris was actually created as a crash test dummy…
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Feb 01, 2016
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No skin chibies - 2016
Sorry! I lied! I'll add this because I forgot to add this stupid sketch before, and I will definitely forgot to post it later!...

the very first test I did with these markers, here we see all the colors the set has... they have no skin color because there wasn't any fitting color for that in the wh…
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Jan 29, 2016
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Random marker doodle about Tomi and Marut - 2011
Just some random stuff I've drawn while testing some markers out, My characters Tomi and Marut... and it seems Tomi is trying to assassinate Marut while trying to pose sexily to the camera! (seriously, that wasn't what I was aiming for, not about the posing nor the part of assassinating Marut, I jus…
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Aug 21, 2015
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Protection pull! - 2015
Part of the fantasy mix RPG again!  Marut and Insertio's character Leora were with Shenshen and tried to explain to a knight that Marut and Shenshen are elves, not some other worldly demons, then knight accused Leora of witchcraft and Marut didn't like it at all and showed his rare side of being a t…
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May 30, 2015
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He's too cute!!
My scanner has been busted for some time so I can't add new stuff... so I might as well add some old art I haven't posted already! Here we see Terra in her Human form and seeing she has a hugging obsession and thinks small things are cute, and Tomi being smaller than average wolfrider, he has to suf…
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Apr 25, 2015
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Opencanvas mess
Still struggling with artblock! man! it's annoying! I rarely have one and it's maddening for someone who is obsessed with drawing! but, to show I'm alive and that I'll get to important things as soon as I can I post this junk! I was testing out open canvas with czarine, she drew odd shapes, I drew M…
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Aug 09, 2013
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I know you're there...
Marut wants to settle few things with Cade, and as usual, he doesn't want to fight, he tries to solve few things by talking. And yeah, those huge black stains are a proof that my favorite ballpoint pen is broken...
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Mar 15, 2013
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Deer hunting relief - 2012
Yay, I'm not dead! so I add this little relief I made few moths ago!... Terra (in wolf form) Marut and Laluna hunting a deer... Ok, I'm not good with sculptures. but I'm fairly pleased with this one... I might paint it some day... this is made out of "Magic-dough"... I'm not sure if it's called that…
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Oct 14, 2012
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cant this wait for later?...
Marut wakes up early in the morning, when Terra gets jealous of him and tries to push Laluna away from Marut... so they are bickering right from the start of the day!... and that tree sure looks GROOVY!... it was supposed to be a very old and gigantic birch tree, but I got tired coloring it!...
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Apr 11, 2012
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Visiting Laluna
More Ballpoint pen drawing, did this pretty fast, and had no real idea when I was drawing it...
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Apr 10, 2012
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They are happy... I'm happy...
Marut brought his gift to the ladies, and now that they are happy, so is he! he leaves the ladies to decorate and play with the feathers, as he takes his nap...

sorry for the messy quality, the markes and fineliners had a bad day...
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Mar 25, 2012
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I got this for ye, Sweet-cheeks...
Tomi offering a gift for Terra, who doesn't like Tomi calling her Sweet-cheeks!... besides, Terra doesn't like it when Tomi tries to hit on her... this is an RPG moment from a game my brother run for us...
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Mar 14, 2012
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I can be your friend too!
Marut really does get in trouble! now Laluna wants to be his friend too!... hahah! sorry! sorry! this is more of a joke than anything else!...
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Mar 07, 2012
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